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Poster: Chris Freedom Date: Mar 3, 2007 7:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Non dead

Hey Telephone Toughguy

I think it is good you labeled your post non-dead which is what I am now doing when I find something non-Dead that I feel moved to share with the Dead community.

I was on the other parts of the archive last night and did notice all the Jihad stuff. Those folks are seriously flipped out! My concern is that like the Cold War we (The WEST) may just be adding fuel to the fire by being so involved in the Middle East. That is just me.

You would probably get a better reception at the Dead part of the forum if you spent some time involved with the Grateful Dead side of things around here.

I understand why you are alarmed by the Islamic fundamentalists even though our politics may be different.
I in no way support the creation of religious states especially those built on the oppression of its followers.
It seems to me all organized religions go through a homocidal faze until the religion itself is ready to integrate into civilized society . I am not sure our military will be able to smoke out the hard core radicals.
Our Troops have a big bull's eye being so forward deployed.

C. Freedom

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Mar 4, 2007 5:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Non dead

Wow, a civilized and educated response from someone who may not agree totally. At least conversation and debate still have a chance. Your point is well taken... I am turning off the email notification and stepping out of this forum. If one person looked, then it was worth it. Allahu Akbar.